Are You Participating in online contest and want to get as much as votes possible?

Dont’t Stop…. Keep Reading, In this detailed fluff-free guide, I am going to tell you how exactly you can win the online contest without breaking the bank.
Majority of these contest tool integrate social media sites like Facebook/Twitter and ask user to login via these platforms to vote. Which makes pretty difficult to
win online voting competitions.

You definately already tried voting from the same IP address or same social media accounts.

What will happen ?

Voting tools and websites are intelligent enough to catch this type of activity. So that won’t work especially if you really need to get hundreds of votes.

Lets discuss different techniques you can use to get some votes without breaking the bank.

Few Examples :-

Get more and more social media accounts to your fleet.
Your contest do not require to signup via facebook/twitter ? You need IP’s to vote!
Rent Social network accounts and use them in your contest.
Take advantage of crowd sourcing.

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